“The cooperation of the ophthalmologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons is the only way to solve the complex cases none could approach separately.”

MD. Tatiana Roşca




Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie
"Carol Davila" - Bucuresti

RONOS Membership

There will become members the persons who have contributed to forming the society (founding members), as well as those who have been elected after the it was founded

Members are elected only by the General Assembly vote, after having been nominated by the Directing Council.



The classes of membership are: 


Founding members

The founding members are those persons who formed the Society and contributed to its initial patrominy.



Active members

Active members are those persons registered in the Society after it was constituted and they are elected from among the persons nominated by the Directing Council.



Honorary Members

Honorary members are those  distinguished personalities, members or non-members of the Society who, by their activity and/or concern have supported or/and support the achievement of the Society’s objectives and aims.

The title of Honorary Member will be voted by the members of the Society in the General Assembly. The Honorary Members have no financial duties and do not take a vote for the decisions of the Society. If they are not active members, too, they may be invited to take part in the meeting with a consultative vote when their opinion is asked for. 



International Members

International nmembers are those persons elected from among the physicians outside Romania, after they have been nominated by the Directing Council, and whose concern is directed to practicing, teaching and research in the Neuro-ophthalmology field and/or its cognate fields.



Application for RONOS membership

To the benefits of the membership there can be added:

  • Special cases met in your practice issued on the website
  • Participation to discussions about the special cases isseud by the colleagues.


For application use the application form .

For the list of the memebers click here.



Last update: 13.01.2017