“The cooperation of the ophthalmologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons is the only way to solve the complex cases none could approach separately.”

MD. Tatiana Roşca




Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie
"Carol Davila" - Bucuresti

We  propose a dialogue among specialists of any age on the basis of unusual boundary cases implying at least two specialities: neurology and ophthalmology. Informing and cooperating  to finding the best diagnosis and treatment is our true expectation.


Thanks !

Our entire gratitude to Mrs. Lavinia Spandonide for her selfless support in founding and registering RONOS.


Our deep gratitude to Dr. Shlomo Dotan for his support in promoting the cause of the Romanian Neuro-Ophthalmology.



The Romanian Neuro-ophthalmology came into being like any other boundary field, as a necessity in the modern clinical medical practice. The cooperation of the ophthalmologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons is the only  possible way of solving the complex cases none of them could approach separately.



RONOS aims

The Romanian Society of Neuro-Ophthalmology (RONOS) is dedicated to the achievement of  the following  aims:

  1. actively contribute to promoting the medical principles, policies and practices for promoting the best neuro-ophthalmological care;
  2. permanently contribute to improving the authority of the Romanian neuro-ophthalmology at home and abroad;
  3. supportring and pronmoting excellency in medical training, especially in neuro-ophthalmology;
  4. progress in clinical neuro-ophthalmology.



RONOS objectives

The Romanian Society of Neuro-ophthalmology (RONOS) pursues the following objectives, meant to help reaching its aims:

  1. organizing scientific activitties of any kind, such as symposiona, conferences,  publications, exhibitions etc. meant to ensure communication of scientific information and to support the development of the Romanian neuro-ophthalmology and the dissemination of the information to the Romanian and international medical communities;
  2. cooperation and/or association with other professional non-governmental associations in Romania and/or abroad, with institutions or scientific research institutes and/or professional assocaitions with a kin profile of interest at home and/or abroad by preserving our own autonomy;
  3. RONOS may join non/governmental organizations or other forms of associaton in Romania and abroad, organized at regional, European or World level;
  4. branches may be started, as regional structures, whose organization and functioning will be made according to law and the present Statement;
  5. supporting scientific contacts among the members of the Society and the members of other similar organizations, groups and/or societies at home and abroad by exchange of neuro-ophthalmological information  and other  scientific and academic knowledge;
  6. acquiring scientific and clinical knowledge in fields kin to neuro-ophthalmology;
  7. awarding RONOS prizes, diplomas with a stimulating aim, and facilitating scholarships from varioous institutions, foundations other associations at home and abroad, a.s.o. for the researchers in the Romanian medical field who have a significant impact on the neuro-ophthalmology by their endeavour.



RONOS fundamental values

The Society adopts as guiding principles for its activities, the following fundamental values:

  1. dedication to performance, supporting performance and high academic and professional standards;
  2. encouraging pioneering and inovation;
  3. mutual respect, responsability and holding responsible for;
  4. respect for moral and professional rules of behaviour based on high ethic principles;
  5. civism, tolerance and observance of the laws;
  6. self-motivation for supporting and recognizing quality and value;
  7. integrity, uprightness and honesty.




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Last update: 13.01.2017